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Sunday 11 June 2023


Wednesday has now been restructured and redefined as ‘physio day’ and the chap who seemed so nice last week has turned in to an evil torturer who is trying to kill me. He’s tripled all the weights that he gave me last week. He says he has underestimated me. I’ve underestimated him and I think I may have revealed my hand too soon.

In the evening L and I take my Dad to the new pool at Derby Moorways. The public session is squeezed into about a quarter of the 50m length although it is full width. It is also packed. We both find it very stifling and almost impossible to swim in but my Dad loves it, this being his first time back in a pool for years.

Afterwards we pop to the Harrington pub in Thulston for the obligatory pint. My Dad can’t do anything without having a pint afterwards which is obviously where I inherited the same trait from. It’s all in my genes.

L is in London unwillingly on Thursday for work. Unwilling but essential as the last time her boss went on his own he lost vital documents. The Lad and I pick her up in the evening from the station.

One up side of being in London is that she comes home proclaiming ‘I really need a dress. Everyone is wearing dresses and trainers. Absolutely everyone.

I could, at this point, point out (and of course I did) that I have offered to buy her a dress about three hundred times of the last twenty seven years and been turned down about 99% of the time. I recall a successful purchase somewhere in the dim and distant past. I may also have mentioned that wearing a dress with trainers was a thing and that you don’t need to wear boots\heels etc but have been dismissed. She says she may take a look for one at the weekend.

On Friday I skive off work for an hour to do a site visit to Locko Park where our dog show is being held next month. We find that a previous show has left the ground very bare in places and I hate to say this but we’re going to need a fair bit of rain for it to recover.

On Saturday L requests an adventurous parkrun and I deliver Bestwood which is not particularly adventurous until you try to run it but we haven’t been there for ages.

Then I take my Dad into Derby where we meet L and her Mum again. Lo and behold L tells me that I have bought herself a dress. She says I hope I like it. I love it already even before I’ve seen it. After shopping we drop off L’s Mum and collect the Lad before taking my Dad home where I do the garden and helpful L mops the kitchen floor.

Unfortunately, when she gets home to try it on, L doesn’t love the dress as it doesn’t fit and that upsets her. Then we probably both drown our sorrows after also having a night's drinking on Wednesday, on Thursday and on Friday too. That’s excessive and I don’t even enjoy drinking canned beer at home. 

We're a bad combination on this. L often kicks off the week's drinking but then it's me who powers it on through the weekend. So a night out in Stapleford on proper beer on Sunday at my insistence is blessed relief from the cans but a terrible idea really after the four days that preceded it.

Sunday also sees Daughter joining us for a swim at Colwick and helpful L going over to do some gardening for her Mum.

 (Sunday 11th June)

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