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Thursday 29 June 2023

Happy Places

My cycling on Monday leaves me so wrecked that I have to skip my gym session on Tuesday. I know, any old excuse but my knee is painful and I’m worried about fainting in the gym.

It’s the anniversary of my Mum passing away, so in the evening we head over Elvaston Castle to scatter my Mum’s ashes with my Dad and my Brother’s family. Our second set of ashes scattering in three days. Elvaston Castle was one of her happy places. We go for something to eat afterwards in the New Inn at Shardlow which is one of my Dad’s happy places.

L has now officially completed her office move, across the corridor. With all that lugging around of stuff she probably needn't have bothered with the gym today but I know she will diligently go anyway. Unlike me.

Daughter has been doing a police driving course since last week where they are teaching her to drive like a maniac. It’s soon clear that it’s not really to her liking. She says she's more than happy to drive at 30mph. Not that I’ve never seen her drive at 30mph…

Next door, who are on disability benefits but clearly have other additional income take delivery of a massive pool. We look it up online and they are selling for £480 which is a lot but actually a lot less than I thought it would cost.

I have the last of my block of four physio sessions and at the end he gives me an assessment and asks me to run for three minutes on the treadmill. This goes better than I expected so parkrun’s looking possible for Saturday. I then sign up for another four sessions.

L has been contacting people who claim to fix washing machines to come and have a look at our leaking machine but has failed to get any interest from any of them. Defeated L ask if we can order a new washer. I’m happy to oblige.

Wednesday is Dog Training and then on Thursday I meet my ex-colleague for lunch, as usual, in the Brunswick while L has day off but is also in Derby for lunch with her Mum, so I drop her off.

My Dad finally get his optician’s appointment and tells me all about it when I take him out later. They appear to have convinced him to give up his current five pairs of glasses of varying quality (from bad to really bad) and have two new pairs instead. Result.

(Thursday 29th June)

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