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Thursday 21 December 2023

A Foreign Storm

We are back at work on Monday but we are immediately running late. The Lad oversleeps and L’s PT alarm doesn’t go off. The deer don’t play along with my lateness either.

I do the weekly shop over lunch and Sainsbury’s is predictably mad given the time of the year.

Cycling is not pleasant either given that my knees seem to have regressed at my gig last night but I’m sure that on some level it does me good. The pint in the Exeter afterwards certainly does. I would have felt even better if I hadn’t been driving and could have medicated myself properly with 6.5% Imperial Drake they had on.

L helpfully says that I don’t look good when I get home and certainly not up to a 6.5% beer but I’m not sure I ever look good after cycling.

Somehow I manage to be running late again on Tuesday so the morning walk was probably shorter than the Lad would have liked. I’m out in Derby in the evening, in the Alex and then the Silk Mill for food. Unfortunately we don’t make it to the Exeter, so once again I don’t get to be festive on the Imperial Drake.

Wednesday is my physio and a new HIIT routine. On Thursday L is evacuated from the swimming pool after the water went all cloudy. They were all assured it was just air bubbles and nothing more toxic.

Then we had Storm Pia which shut the park and had trees down on Harrow Road. The Lad and I had to climb over the debris and push through the assembled onlookers on our morning walk.


Pia arrived out of alphabetical sequence with the UK Met Office because it was actually a Danish storm. I’m really surprised our Government let a foreign storm in.

The match goes ahead though. Yes on a Thursday. This is the joy of the Christmas fixtures e.g. you get to play at even more batty times than usual and hardly ever at 3pm on one of the days you have off. Derby beat Lincoln 3-1 and my Dad celebrates with a whiskey chaser alongside his beer. 

(Thursday 21st December)

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