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Sunday 3 December 2023


I always try to be sociable on my morning walks but three chaps, who I see every day and always appear reluctant to return my greeting, now seem to have changed their route. I assume this is purely so that they don’t have to say good morning to me anymore or perhaps I'm being paranoid.

Friday has a rare Friday night and that is actually on a Friday with a home cooked curry and a Leffe.

On Saturday we go to Market Bosworth for parkrun where we both run. Sadly there is nowhere for coffee afterwards as their coffee van is only opening as we leave. I drop L in Derby and then take my Dad to Asda. After that excitement my Dad and I recover with lunch in the New Inn. In the evening L goes to the gym and then we go with the Lad to the Plough.

It snows overnight and so like three overexcited kids L, the Lad and I go out for a play in it or rather a run because that’s the sort of thing we do. Then we head to the Wollaton for a sausage cob and coffee for breakfast.

As I sit in the Wollaton I can see that there is a major trauma going on on social media about whether, given the Baltic conditions, our Dog Club AGM should go ahead. Given it doesn’t start until 3pm the drama is probably overblown as come 3pm the snow is almost a distant memory and the meeting goes ahead. I am re-elected as secretary for my sins.

 (Sunday 3rd December)

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