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Thursday 7 December 2023


Monday is wet, the park’s a bit like a paddy field and we are deer blocked again. Meaning we have to turn around and come back out the way we’d gone in. Sadly the heavy rain has washed away the remnants of the snow.

L is out on the town both Monday and Tuesday this week, well I suppose it is Christmas. She’s at a book thing with Philippa Langley on Monday and then at Niccos for an Indian with her friends on Tuesday.

While I have my own Indian with the Dog Club at Anoki on Monday where the restaurant plays ‘that song’ by Wham meaning I am already out of the Whamageddon challenge having only reached day four. This though is better than the supporters at the Northampton v Portsmouth game on Saturday where the DJ at the ground later apologised for playing said record and potentially eliminating more than 7,000 people out of the game on day two.

Then on Tuesday I’m chilling (literally) at the match. It’s very cold but Derby beat Fleetwood 3-0 in the Cup no one cares about, the EFL Trophy.

Afterwards my Dad and I are in the Exeter where he’s on the whiskeys to warm up but we’re having problems because the Ginger Ale is too cold and he’s entertaining the regulars in the pub with his tales of old Derby. Meanwhile I’m googling what he’s saying to see if he’s making it up.

Also on Tuesday Daughter has a job interview for which she dresses as a German art student (her words, not mine). Then she's playing squash but probably not dressed like that.

Wednesday turns out very icy with all the puddles from the previous day having iced over. Then I have my HIIT session with my Physio where he has upped the ante to 40 seconds on each activity with only 20 seconds rest in between. Then it’s my last dogging of the year.

L and I ponder doing the gym together in the evening on Thursday but in the end we stay in and open a bottle of wine. We are very good though and just have one glass each. L says ‘let’s run away’ to which I point out that we are doing on Friday.

(Thursday 7th December)

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