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Sunday 21 January 2024


I don’t cycle on Monday thanks to Sky TV because Derby have a home match against Burton Albion. Which Derby make more exciting than they need to, throwing away a 2-0 lead before then scoring a late winner to win 3-2.

Tuesday is very cold with a very light sprinkling of snow which actually made dealing with an excitable collie slightly easier than normal because the mud was frozen solid. L manages to make it through the ‘snow drifts’ to her PT.

The excitable collie is even more excitable come dog training but that's nothing new.

After two days in work, L is back to PWFH on Wednesday. I am out in the evening with my old school chum on a strong cherry stout in the Alexandra and then finally, after several missed opportunities, on the Imperial Drake in the Exeter. It’s a merry night.

On Thursday evening we do a joint gym although it's so busy we can’t even get in the car park. Friday is a night in with a home cooked curry and Saturday is, of course, spent in the Plough where they have four different porters all queued up for a in a line on their bar. Heaven.

Before that there was Parkrun. We do a new one at Sence Valley near Ibstock. Then I drop L in Derby before taking my Dad out to lunch. We head back to his house via the Garden Centre in Borrowash to buy up the world's supply of bird feeders.

Then we listen to the match on his old radio as he currently has no TV ariel. I’m not sure if it’s got damaged on the roof or whether it's because he's been ‘repairing’ it. I will get someone in to look at it.

On Sunday we head over to Derby to do a walk and then go around to L’s Mum’s to try to solve the long running problem of her jigsaw stand. She has tried buying several off the internet which have subsequently been sent back because they haven't done the job. L thinks she may be able to bodge a solution for her.

(Sunday 21st January)

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