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Wednesday 24 January 2024

Mountain Climbers And Burpees

On Monday the park is closed because there is a deer cull going on so the Lad and I have to pound the streets. L goes into work and then comes home when her boss doesn’t show. In the evening it’s my cycling followed by a beer and a scotch egg in the Exeter with my Dad.

After a brief dry day we’re back to the constant rain on Tuesday but we do manage to get our morning walk in before the latest deluge hits.

L’s PT gets her doing mountain climbers and burpees which is already a favourite with my physio. Our workouts seem to be merging and its great news that she’s got that combo to do as well. She should also probably be doing stuff like that for homework. Which the Lad would enjoy immensely.

Parkrun say that their website has been given a ‘slick new makeover’ but it looks just as un-slick as ever to me. Their events map is still far from helpful when trying to decide on our latest tourist trip. 

Derby are playing away at Reading on Tuesday, so I go over to my Dad’s to watch it with him. They lose 1-0.

Nottingham’s Splendour has been cancelled. Apparently the council put the festival out to tender rather than just letting Nottingham’s own DHP run it as usual. This was presumably to try to make more money out of it. The tender process decided to give it to… DHP and DHP say it’s now too short notice to organise this year's event. It’s probably too late to book enough portaloos. At the dog club we have already booked ours.

Late afternoon on Wednesday we head off to Birmingham on the train. Tonight it’s Depeche Mode. We are staying in the Crowne Plaza which is part of the Holiday Inn group and we’re getting another freebie from the points we’ve amassed. We go in the Brasshouse pub for food and I indulge in two pints of Lumi which is a 6.2% Winter Ale from Thornbridge. 

Then we head off to the gig..

(Wednesday 24th January)

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