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Sunday 18 February 2024

Old Age

On Monday L is in work but says she’d rather be in Sainsburys and believe me Sainsburys isn’t that exciting.

There is no cycling tonight as Bill Bailey has commandeered the Arena. We have Steak night instead once L is back from her yoga evening.

She then has Weightlifting aka PT on Tuesday and in the evening I go over to watch the match at my Dad’s on Tuesday. Derby beat Exeter 3-0 to stay 2nd. We celebrate with a naughty whiskey but it should also really be a toast to DJ Steve Wright who died today aged a mere 69.

Wednesday starts with a romantic morning as it’s Valentine’s Day but then I’m in favour of every morning being a Valentine’s morning.

L is in the gym later, trying to avoid photobombing a girl’s live stream in the weights section. Which may have been of her impressive workout or maybe just to flash her chest and her tattoos. L’s boss is also in the gym but that’s his own gym.

The park had almost dried out and we were almost not having to wade through the mud but now... it’s started raining again and we’re back to where we were.

I get my jacket back from the Zip Yard in Toton and they have done a fantastic job.

L now no longer works Thursdays and today she takes advantage of that with a swim and a run. I, meanwhile, take the unhealthier option of meeting my ex-colleague for our first Brunswick lunch in a while.

My old age seems to have now inflicted a dodgy bladder, so I book a GP appointment to get checked out. As booking an appointment by phone is close to impossible I stalk their online booking system to see if anything comes up on there. These only seem to show cancellations but after a week of stalking I finally got one at 7:30am on Friday.

My GP says it is most likely down to my prodigious caffeine intake but asks me to book in for a blood test next week. He tells me to cut down on the coffees and drink more clear fluids. I assume he means pale ales. Grudgingly I agree to give doctor’s orders a go. Then as Daughter is out with her mystery friend we get a Friday night.

We go to Cowlick on Saturday for Parkrun where they are using their ‘B’ Finish because the ‘A’ Finish is underwater. I am still feeling the old war wound, so I support. Afterwards we do breakfast at Daleside.

At the match later, Derby are dire but sneak a 1-0 win over an even more dire Stevenage. Later it’s the Plough and sea of pale ales again. So my doctor will be pleased. Daughter kindly picks us up later because the rain is so heavy but the Lad is totally freaked out getting in a different car and in the front passenger seat too.

On Sunday we do an 8k walk round Sherwood Pines. In the evening we have a late Valentine’s date night at Mr Mans. The beer range isn’t as bad as I feared as they have 7% Guinness Export in bottles. 

(Sunday 18th February)

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