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Sunday 11 February 2024

What We Were Looking For

L starts a new yoga class at the Lenton Centre on Monday evening. She describes it as very nice which I think means it was too easy but it just what she was looking for. I’m at my cycling. Which was indescribably evil, just what I was looking for. Evil is also what the Lad thinks of my bike and he always hides upstairs when I arrive home arm in arm with my trusty steed.

Tuesday is L’s PT and also my dog training. Wednesday is my HIIT which is starting to approach the same level of evil that I endure at cycling on Mondays.

I manage to get to the gym on Thursday where I again struggle to park. They either need a bigger car park or less members. Perhaps everyone is simply sheltering from the snow because yes it’s snowing. Although I can’t see us being able to build a snowman out of it.

From Wednesday we have the house to ourselves as Daughter is dog sitting for a friend for the whole of the next week. We celebrate with a romantic evening fuelled by a large bottle of Leffe and a Spam curry.

L has been moaning for weeks about the ‘All About Boris’ podcast that she’s heard being pushed on BBC Sounds but it actually turns out it’s called ‘All About Forest’. Oops. Good job she didn’t complain to the BBC.

On Friday L gets time off for good behaviour, from Derby’s shopping centre, because her sister is up visiting.

On Saturday we travel to Abbey Park in Leicester for Parkrun. Unfortunately an old war wound resurfaces as my calf goes half-way through. I hobble home in 32 minutes. Then we join the massive queue in their understaffed café to grab a bacon roll.

Given the furore generated by certain right wing newspapers assassinating Parkrun’s laissez-faire attitude to gender I am surprised to see that my parkrun email is still referring to me as male. I could complain but actually no one cares because it’s not actually supposed to be competitive. 

Derby draw with Shrewsbury Town after throwing away a 1-0 lead late on but still stay second in the table. Son was there, which explains why we didn’t win. In the Plough later there is not a single dark ale on, which is a massive change from before, so I spend the night on the Legend.

On Sunday I manage the gym on one leg which is obviously better than not going at all. I think.

(Sunday 11th February)

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