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Sunday 25 February 2024

Popup Lake

The week opens with a trip to the Octagon in Sheffield to see the Vaccines rather than my usual cycling. A gentle introduction to the week by comparison.

So on Tuesday, for some exercise (drumroll...), I risk a trip to the gym. I say that because it’s been so busy recently it’s become unpleasant. Even L’s trainer has jumped ship and has been trying out a new gym in Derby because ours is too busy. They have an ice bath apparently but I’m not sure that's a selling point.

It wasn’t too bad today though and I even got reacquainted with the leg curl machine. We’ve missed each other. L had already been in there and warmed it up for me. There’s now a video nasty of her work out on Instagram filmed by her trainer. I assumed he had to edit out her swearing.

Dog training goes well, which is a rarity. I suspect somebody may has swapped my dog as this one seemed to listen to me. L says she hopes it’s a Doodle.

My GP surgery tells me that everything has checked out ok after my urine and blood tests.

Wednesday is my Physio and lots of core stuff that was mostly unrepeatably evil including the almost malicious sideways plank and then normal plank into a press ups back into the plank. Lots of fun.

In the evening I take my Dad to the New Inn in Shardlow where the Lad gets a full meal courtesy of leftovers from the next table.

On Thursday L impressively runs first thing in torrential rain, then does the morning walk with us before going out for lunch with her friends.

On Friday L swims and the Lad briefly considers doing the same thing in the latest popup lake on Wollaton Park but in the end settles for simply lying down in it.

 The week is out of kilter because we have our Saturday night in the Plough on a Friday after having had our Friday night on a Thursday sharing a nice bottle of Soave white wine. L says her Friday night should have really been in the gym but then they do have Honey Porter and the gym doesn’t. Not that she goes for the Porter...

On Saturday L Parkruns at Alvaston while I continue to nurse my injured calf and placate the Lad. Afterwards we try the Unity cafe in Alvaston for a bacon roll and coffee. We have to wait for them to open at 10am and then they tell us they don’t take dogs. What’s wrong with these people?

I take my Dad to pick up his cost of living payment of £140 from the Government and as he needs a new kettle I take him straight to Asda with his new wad of cash. However being a ‘savvy’ pensioner he won’t blow any more than about 5% of it on the kettle.

We are out with friends later. First in the now reopened Crafty Crow and then in Mem Saab for a curry. They serve me a rather evil Jalfrezi.

On Sunday we walk off the curry in Sherwood Forest and visit the Major Oak. Lots have changed since we last visited which was admittedly ages ago. They have a new visitor centre, a new car park and some rather pushy salespeople trying to sell memberships.

(Sunday 25th February)

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