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Friday 1 June 2018

Difficult Women

Derby appoint Frank Lampard as their new manager and I’m quite pleased with that as I was hoping for a young up and coming coach rather than one of the stale old guard of Allardyce, McCarthy, Moyes, Lambert, Pardew etc.

Ideally it would have been someone with a bit of experience rather than a complete rookie but I’m sure he’ll soon pick it up. The sceptic in me says this is him effectively taking a work experience year while he completes his Pro Licence and takes a Premier League job next season but we'll see.

He has been working at Chelsea’s Academy, so I’m hoping he’s going to bring on our youngsters but I could be wrong. He might I suppose simply import the whole of Chelsea’s Academy on loan.

Hopefully he won’t be allowed to waste money on past it journeymen like Gary Rowett did. His first target... John Terry... oh no.

I take the boys on the park after work and L comes to join us. The Lad seems to really enjoy lolloping around the park with a ball in his mouth. It’s usually the ball that MD had which MD doesn’t realise that the Lad now has and so spends ages scouring the grass looking for it. Not that he’s ever been any good at ball finding.

Unlike MD the Lad seems to take everything in his stride. People, other dogs, cats, squirrels etc. He didn't even freak out at the deer, female deer at that and we all know how difficult the women can be. 

(Friday 1st June)

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