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Thursday 31 May 2018

I Go To A Running Club

On Monday, I go to a running club. Now there’s a first, I think. This is a Portland Leisure Centre and normally they meet too early for me but today is a Bank Holiday, so getting back from work isn’t an issue. Would I go again? I don’t know. It was very competitive.

I get home on Tuesday to realise we forgot to hide the peg bag. Note to self: Buy more pegs as we’re now running a bit low thanks to the Lad.

On Wednesday I’m on the bike and get caught in a brief shower which isn’t brief enough. It’s also looks like it might come back for a second go at me when I cycle home but it holds off. Which is a good job as I get stranded after suffering a puncture.

I only got as far as Spondon and I suspect it was caused by a wooden splinter from the ‘It’s a Knockout’ obstacle that’s currently masquerading as the footbridge over the A52. I change the tube but my pump won’t inflate it, probably because the pump is full of this morning’s brief shower. I make plans to stash my bike at a local shop and get the bus home but then L offers to ride out to rescue me which means I can make it on time to dog training.

Therefore on Thursday I’m on my best bike which is like a pair of comfy old slippers and by that I don’t mean they’ve been well chewed by a puppy.

It’s also tennis and my opponent advises I bring a baseball hat, just in case. I’m not sure if that’s just in case it’s sunny again because we both struggled with the sun last week or whether he’s expecting rain. I guess the hat will be dual purpose.

L meanwhile goes over to visit her folks in Mickleover on the bus which can be quite a long arduous journey. I tell her I’ll have a large one waiting for her when she gets home. 

(Thursday 31st May)

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