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Friday 8 June 2018

Even Puppies Need A Powernap

When the plumber said they'll be back tomorrow, I expected them to be around at the usual time but clearly whatever they were trying to finish us for has detained them this morning.

This delays the boys' park session although L reports that the puppy is curled up in his basket not looking too bothered. She had just removed a Brillo pad from his mouth. That is after the slippers, trainers, some polystyrene and a snail. He sounds like he’s been a busy boy, no wonder he needs a powernap.

They turn up eventually to finish off their work while L sits in the garden until it rains, which it didn't do for me when I was supervising. I head over later to check all is done to our satisfaction, which it is. They have been very efficient.

No sooner am I back at work than an email from them pops into my inbox. They are also very efficient with their bill.

(Friday 8th June)

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