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Sunday 9 February 2020

A Nice Spot Of Tourism

L’s pool seems to have found a few customers from somewhere, mainly the tri club who she heard bragging about their events to each other. Not that she was impressed, she’s done most of them.

Clifton Bridge on the ring road near us is closed after damage was spotted on the underside of it. It is completely closed in one direction and has only has one lane open in the other direction. Not good and I can’t see any fast solution to this.

I take the bus to work on Friday, which went ok but coming back is another matter. The traffic is hell because of the closures. I’m not sure what time I’ll get home.

L meanwhile seems a bit impatient as she waits for me and is threatening to start Friday night without me. This is because her personal trainer has recommended that she starts foam rolling and she wants to give mine a try tonight. I’d hate to miss out on that.

Meanwhile the world is beginning to get worried about a new flu like virus, coronavirus, with has so far claimed over 800 lives in China. Our local GP surgery texts me today saying that if I’d ‘recently returned from China or South East Asia and are concerned that you may have a viral infection please DO NOT come down to the surgery’. As I said, worrying.

Saturday sees the start of a new Parkrun at Wollaton Hall which will be our new local but where are we? We’re at another new one at Doddington Hall near Lincoln, which is on its third week. We’re on the way to visit a old friend of mine who lives near Market Rasen. What with Warwick last week as well, that’s a nice spot of tourism. We’ll do our new local next week. 603 turned up for the inaugural one.

We were actually supposed to be running on Wollaton Park on Sunday but the Winter Warmer 10k has been postponed due to the arrival of Storm Ciara, a troublesome female if ever there was one. Ciara’s tantrum somewhat rips up the weekend’s planned schedule but it does mean we’re allowed out on Saturday night. We pub crawl Sneinton, visiting the Neon Rapter Brewery tap for one, then the Fox & Grapes for one, the King Billy for two and then visit Brewdog to finish off.

A freed up Sunday allows me to do a track session at the Velodrome.

(Sunday 9th February)

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