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Tuesday 25 February 2020

Geeky Spreadsheets

Both L and I have geeky spreadsheets of all the races we’ve done. L has been racing longer than me so she has done a lot more races than me. She has done a massive 542 races in total compared with my meagre 282 but it turns out that, out of my pitiful total, 91 of mine have been half marathons whereas L has only done 88.

She has done 8 marathons though to my 3.I'm still playing catch up there and her enthusiasm for number 9 seems to be waning. .She says her running Mojo appears to have up and left. I’ll have to hide her new hoover and only tell her where it is once she’s done her run or I could lend her our four legged Mojo He'd spur her on.

Instead Monday sees her out on the lash in Borrowash... and she’s out late. It’s almost eight o’clock when she gets on the bus home.

Tuesday turns out to be glorious day for cycling... but for reasons known only to me I don't. Well it was also a bit nippy.

Talking of nippy. L is still eyeing up outdoor swims. Brrr. The latest one to take her fancy is the Jubilee River Swim in Windsor. It’s 10km long with three weirs on the route, which I’m sure they’ll make the swimmers walk around and not go wa-hey over them. Even though L says ‘OMG I hope not!  Doesn't it look great?’ Erm. If she says so. I’ll hold her coat. She claims to have already been hardening herself to the prospect with cold showers at our local pool. 

Her latest PT session has her sprinting on a Watt bike. Now that’s more like it.

(Tuesday 25th February)

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