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Thursday 6 February 2020

Collision Point

The race results from Watford have been corrected of their own accord. The normal order of things in our household has now been restored.

The Golf’s dashboard has suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree with warning lights. So, when L goes over to see her folks she takes the bus, not wanting to go over in a dodgy car. There’s always the Astra I say. Oh, she did say she didn’t want to go over in a dodgy car didn’t she.

I go over later to pick her up because I wanted to give the Golf a run to see just how dodgy it was but somehow it fixes itself as those wise folks on Google said it probably would.

On Tuesday L’s watching Kinky Boots at Broadway while I’m watching football boots as Derby defeat Northampton in their FA Cup 4th Round Replay. I shunt my planned dog training session to Wednesday.

L has her PT on Wednesday where she signs a contract committing to 12 sessions. As she says, that’ll sort her out. After which, she manages to walk home unaided but she may not be lifting pints for a while.

Meanwhile L’s dentist convinces her to make the leap to an electric toothbrush. Mine has been trying to convince me to have one for years along with regularly seeing the hygienist, selling me floss and also those things you put on the end of your fingers. Sometimes I’m not sure if he’s a dentist or a salesman. He spends more time trying to sell me stuff than he does looking at my teeth.

...and while she’s on a spending spree, she’s looking at hoovers and asks ‘how does a girl go about getting a new hoover?’ How does a girl go about getting anything new, shiny and expensive out of her man? But it’s not PC to do that sort of thing any more, so she’d best just tell me what she wants and I’ll get it ordered.

...and Daughter is searching for a skipping rope. I remember once shopping for a skipping rope for her. It may have been a few years ago... I think she may have been eight.

On Thursday L and I do a joint run, sort of. I start running home from work while she starts running towards me from home. The plan is we’ll meet somewhere along the way. The planned collision point is the Charlton Arms in Chilwell. Not that we intend going in but it seems just about the right distance as she wants to do about 8 miles while I’m going for the Full Monty home which will be 15.6 miles. As planned, I bump into L just past the Charlton Arms 11 miles in and we make it all the way home together.

(Thursday 6th February)

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