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Sunday 14 March 2021

Emergency Treatment

Monday brings step one of the much anticipated Road Map.

Sadly they’ll be no more flirting with the girl upstairs who has decided to go back to the office permanently. Hopefully she’ll still be up for the blindingly good Friday nights.

The other thing that’s back is school kids. They were everywhere this morning, there was no pavement to walk on and the road was full of cars. So our morning walk was a bit fraught.

In the evening we drive Daughter out to Phoenix Park where we hand her over to a fellow WPC for motorway practice. We weren’t sure if we were supposed to wait there to guide her home as well... but we don’t and she seems to make it home ok.

Those two royals who left the limelight to blend into the background in Los Angeles, I can’t remember their names, do a low profile interview with Oprah.

L confirms her reputation as Ian McEwan’s biggest fan by reading another book of his about a robot who has an affair with its owner’s neighbour. It sounds quite good actually but I’m not sure L is that impressed.

Nottingham City Council announce they are closing John Carroll after running it down for the last ten years or so.

On Wednesday, I make another attempt to see a doctor about my knee. I ring our local surgery at precisely 10am as instructed where I join the daily queue for an appointment after listening to the long recorded message that you can’t skip. The fact I am 15th in the queue makes me think 10am is a flexible target.

The moment I reach the front of the queue the phone goes dead and I have to redial. After a reprisal of the recorded message I am back down to 12th in the queue.

When I reach the front of the queue for the second time I am told that all routine appointments for the day are now booked and can I ring back tomorrow?

Or apparently I can book an emergency appointment. I query as to what is classed as an emergency because to me an emergency would involve an ambulance with sirens blaring and blue lights flashing pulling up outside my house or at the very least getting myself to A&E.

The Receptionist says she isn’t a clinician so can’t comment on my health and obviously I can’t be put through to ask the doctor, so it’s my call. I book an emergency appointment.

At 2:30pm a very nice doctor rings me. It’s four and a half hours after I called so I’m still just as confused as to what constitutes an emergency. One suspects they deal with the routine appointments first! The doctor offers me some physio and an x ray.

The next day I ring the provided number for the x-ray and book in for the 31st March. Oddly they say they don’t send any confirmation letters, emails or texts. Which I would have thought would cause many people to forget to turn up or perhaps that the idea?

On Saturday L gets her vaccine at Derby Arena and I go round to visit my parents for the double header of their 70th Wedding Anniversary and Mother’s Day. I take cards and presents, an Easter egg and a bottle of rebadged 70th Anniversary Whisky. They have also received the card I asked the Queen to send. They seem a bit overwhelmed with all the attention and still have my brother’s brand of celebrations to come on Sunday.

On Sunday, L and I do a 3.5k run\walk. My knee’s not great but I survive it.

(Sunday 14th March)

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