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Sunday 21 March 2021

The Virtual Ashby

By Wednesday my symptoms are abating although I still have a very sore arm. Luckily we have quite a serene morning walk. No cats or squirrels and all the dogs we saw were on the approved list. Although MD was a little freaked out when a man in a dressing gown waved at us. L says he was probably just watering his plants, as if that explains it.

Daughter finishes her Police training, which means no more driving through the city centre which will be a relief to us all. She has her passing out parade on Friday which hopefully involves no actual passing out.

In honour of St Patrick's Day, we decide to have an Irish coffee albeit a day late. L goes off in search of ‘lightly whipped’ cream which is apparently required. I think we supposed to do the whipping ourselves, so L buys some double.

At the weekend we do the Virtual Ashby 20 which can be done over three days. L Couch to 32k’s the whole 20 miles over five sessions in three days. Wow. That’s very impressive from an almost standing start.

I run 7k on both Saturday and Sunday with L, doing run/walk, then do a count back through my previous runs to make up the rest of the 20 miles. I have to go back to 20th February. Which might be classed as cheating.

We celebrate on Sunday with a meal from Chao Chao, who describe themselves as an urban oriental kitchen e.g. overpriced but very nice. It’s our second week ordering from their new branch just down the road from us. 

(Sunday 21st March)

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