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Sunday 15 May 2022

Calm And Accepting

Monday is the start of another week of WFH while keeping an eye on our awkward dogs. Neither of which will lie on the mat I put down next to my computer. It seems farcical how they are both lying just off the edge of it. 

On Tuesday I go into work by bike, cycling for the first since in two weeks. So it was hard. L works from home to keep an eye on MD where she ends up marooned in my office with both dogs asleep at her feet and she daren't move in case she disturbs MD. So her tea intake is being severely restricted.

Tuesday’s Wordle is Gecko. Yet another word I didn’t know was a word.

I’m back working from home on Wednesday and trying even harder not to disturb our wonky dog because every time I do he gets up and wants to go outside where it’s lobbing it down. Once it stops lobbing we do manage a few rounds of the paw on the ball game which is quite promising for his health.

He shares my lunch of bread and cheese, which meant I had to share it with the Lad as well, but he’s still won’t have his own dog food or even a ginger biscuit at my Dad’s latr. On the upside, I’ll be getting very trim if I keep giving my lunch away.

On Friday evening we manage to leave the dogs and go out for a meal with friends at Nicco’s on Pride Park which is again very good.

We both Parkrun at Wollaton on Saturday, leaving both dogs at home.

We are hoping that now he can’t do Parkrun, the Lad might stop getting so wound up about running and if we practice running from home with him he might get used to it. Then maybe, just maybe, he might calm down.

L’s even bought him a new harness, one that isn’t tainted by Parkrun, so that she can run with him herself. Although she usually refuses to be in the same street as us when we I take him out because he gets so wound up.

She reckons she can learn to be calm and accepting, just as the Lad will learn to be calm and accepting. He looks at me blankly when I explain all this to him albeit with a calm and accepting look on his face.

So on Sunday the Lad gets to run with both us. With me in the morning from home and then with L and Daughter in the evening at Bramcote where they do another of the Six Pack Challenge routes. MD and I come along for an amble.

(Sunday 15th May)

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