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Sunday 29 May 2022

E’s And Fascism

On Wednesday I go into work on my bike which was quite cold, windy and drizzly but it was good to get out on the road. I had hoped to also make the gym at lunch but didn’t. That’s the problem of coming in so rarely, there’s a lot I could do while I’m here. 

At home, WFH is driving L mad. She’s aborted working downstairs because she just can't cope on her laptop but her old computer upstairs is like walking through mud. 

On Thursday we swap. L is in work and me at home. The Lad and I do the morning walk while MD waits for us in my office getting a bit of P&Q. Then we all settle down for a day’s work with the Lad on MD’s mat and MD not on it, obviously. 

On Saturday L parkruns at Wollaton then goes off to a talk about ‘How to stop fascism’ at the book festival. I have a dog show, so she has to attempt to stop fascism without me. She does ask me to watch the recording of it later to explain it all to her.

The Lad opens his show account with a run that isn’t horrific but still an E. I didn’t actually like the course so I was glad to get that one out of the way. Hopefully he’ll be better on our next one but he isn’t. Another two E’s follow. Not bad ones to be fair to him.

After my E’s and L’s fascism we could both do with a drink so we meet up in Nottingham at the new pub the ‘Whistle & Flute’ on Derby Road.

On Sunday we go over to visit by folks and MD sadly, with his wobbly legs, falls in the pond and gets covered in all the greenery that’s in it. 

(Sunday 29th May)

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