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Tuesday 24 May 2022

Good Excuses

L is left frustrated at work where she’s waiting for her boss only for him to tell her he’d actually u-turned on his way to meet her because it looked like rain and his grass needed cutting. So he went back home to do that before it rained. 

If you ever want a good excuse for not going into work just ask L's boss. He does come up with some cracking excuses and he’s got plenty more like that one. Probably easier to get away with if you are the boss.

On Tuesday we take MD over to Derby vets to see a cardiologist although who we actually get to see is an assistant to the cardiologist and a student. This is all for a mere £300. They’re all very nice but we don’t actually learn anything because they won’t commit to any answers unless we put him through the tests which they already knew we didn’t want to put him through.

It was worth a go though and luckily the insurance is covering the bill. Petplan have been paying the bills impressively quickly. MD seems to have a good time there but not the Lad, who gets left home alone.

MD’s actually a lot better than he was but he’s not really got his legs back and has to be carried upstairs to bed now although he does seem to like that as well.

(Tuesday 24th May)

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