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Sunday 8 May 2022

Sun Worshipper

MD does seem to be responding to his antibiotics even though he is still having fainting fits and nose bleeds. Although I knew he’d relapse if I went out and naturally he had a collapse into his water bowl when I was at my gig the other night.

We stop the painkillers as he doesn’t seem to be in any pain and these could possibly be causing the fainting. I speak to the vet on the phone and although supportive, he isn’t very helpful. He suggests we see a cardiologist but they’d need to knock him out to do a scan which we’re not keen on. They are going to send his records to one in Derby who will then contact us. I do feel we ought to try something.

He improves slowly throughout the week although he’s still far from right. He's barely eating his own food but still scrounges at the table for mine. He does though seem to like the puppy milk we have bought for him.

He’s very unsteady on his paws and tries to get up every time I move, so I have to make sure he’s asleep so that I can slope off to make a drink without him following me. Then on the other hand he’s making it out into the garden for some sunbathing. He’s always been a sun worshipper. 

I take him to dog training although I make him stay in car which he isn’t happy about. The car park at our new venue has been done with those really big gravel stones, the kind I always twist my ankle on, and they’re not easy for him to walk on in his delicate state. It's also comfier for him now in the car because we've done away with the dog box and he can lord it on just blankets on the back seat.

Another person hands in their notice at work. This time it’s the lad who had become a lass. This is one of the least surprising ones as we’ve not seen her at all since she became a she.

Our Wordle duel continues and on Thursday we both fail. I had actually considered the correct answer but I though Homer was a Simpsons character and not a real word so I tried Rover, Foyer, Lower and Poker instead.

On Friday I head over to Bingham to meet up with my friends from Uni for the first time in four years. We were already long overdue to meet before Covid showed up. Given the situation with MD I don’t stop over as I would normally and instead get the bus over. Naturally the first one doesn’t show up. 

It’s a pleasant night out and then I’m the only one on the bus home as most late night revellers are going in the opposite direction e.g. home from Nottingham.

Saturday is the end of football season and Derby are relegated. More due to the transfer embargo than the 21 points they had deducted for trying to buy success. Although nobody here really thought they were trying to buy success and we were just puzzled as to why they were buying so many overpriced overrated players. Seems they were supposed to get us up. Who knew. Despite the relegation, on the pitch it has been one of the best seasons in years.

With MD a little better and able to be left we have our much delayed joint birthday celebrations with a Chateaubriand and a Chateau Neuf du Pap at Miller and Carter.



On Sunday despite it being L’s birthday we have a boys’ day out to a dog show at Bilsthorpe. Where after not eating his own breakfast MD eats the leftovers from our meal out last night, one and a half fish fingers that L cooked for him and washed them all down with the dog milk but he won’t entertain any sausage or chicken that I’d also brought for him.

Then I buy some chips and curry sauce for lunch on the hope that he might have some of that as well. He did. In fact he would have probably eaten the lot if I’d let him then I had to give Lad some as well. Which didn’t leave much for me.

The Lad does thank me by doing a run with only 10 faults which is almost as good as a victory. 

(Sunday 8th May)

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