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Thursday 1 September 2022

Being Calm

On Monday, which is a Bank Holiday, the Lad and I go to a dog show at Catton Hall purely to practice being calm as by now we know that achieving anything that doesn’t involve an Elimination isn’t going to happen. I’m not sure some folk would recognise our style of calmness but we all have to start somewhere.

In the evening L and I head over to her Mum’s where we clear some stuff out of her garage. We leave the bulky waste out for the council to collect the next day and, lo and behold, they do actually take it on Tuesday.

The deer blockade again forces us to do our morning walk route backwards but I decided my knee wasn’t going to make it that far. So we turned around before we even reached the main gate and came back home. We were still out 40 minutes though and the Lad is soon wrong way up in his bed. So it still must have been exhausting for him.

L has left something called a ‘TRX’ hanging from our tree. She suggests I use it to work on my knees. The only problem is that the Lad has his own unique way of joining in.

My Dad and I have a wild night out at the Papa Johns Trophy or the Pizza Cup as it’s known to its mates. Derby beat Grimsby 3-1 in front of a mere 3,000 crowd. The club bar at the Yard closed is closed so we are forced to drink at the Exeter instead. Which is a pretty decent back up plan.

I decide that my knee is too bad to go in to work by bike so it’s another day WFH and listening to the Lad repeatedly sighing with boredom in the hall.

I also cancel tennis. It’s probably good that we've got a holiday coming up with the state of my knee. I was hoping for an active holiday but now it will have to be more of a ‘normal’ holiday like normal people have.

Thursday would have been my Mum's 94th birthday so we take my Dad out for a meal to our new favourite, the New Inn.

(Thursday 1st September)

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