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Monday 26 September 2022


On Tuesday the gasman comes to service the boiler which manages to ease the lad’s boredom. He spends his morning alternating between checking on him and peering over next door’s fence for his ‘friend’ the part-time lodger next door who we think\hope has gone home to his castle. Yes, he lives in a castle. 

We both struggle with Wordle the first day back after our holidays and then subsequently both stop doing it altogether.

I take my Dad to dog training as he’s already as bored as the Lad is mainly because both of Derby’s home games this week have been cancelled due to international call ups.

Wednesday is his 94th birthday, so my brother and I take him out for a pint at the New Inn. We are also all going out for a Chinese meal together on Friday at the Golden Dragon in Shardlow.

I had loosely suggested that I could be fit enough for tennis on Thursday but despite my 'normal person' style holiday (e.g. no exercise) my knee is nowhere near being up to the rigours of tennis.

Instead I cycle to work which was tough obviously and made the knees throb. Which isn’t really surprising as the last time I cycled was the 24th August, a month ago.

When I arrive at work, it is to find that I am the only one there. So it wasn’t a very social day. At least at home I have the Lad to talk to. I felt a bit like the Lad looks on Dog TV. Lonely. I go to the gym at lunchtime, so at least I see some real live people. Meanwhile the Lad is so bored he jumps the gate for the first time in ages. We did think he was growing up.

Then I hear that, for some inexplicable reason, Derby County have changed their manager again.

I am back working from home on Friday which means I can take charge of another deliver of beetroot from our neighbours. They have an allotment which is great as it means we get lots of freebies. The problem is there’s only so much you can do with beetroot.

On Saturday L and I both run at Clifton Parkrun. I make my return at Clifton which is my new favourite because the grass is softer on my knees. L’s run is her 242nd parkrun. Then on Sunday we go along to support those running in the Robin Hood Half Marathon. Those, unlike me, who haven’t deferred their entry. I’m very jealous of those in it while L is delighted she’s not in it.

Inspired\uninspired (delete as applicable) by the half marathoners L again lets me run with her and we do 8k together on Monday evening although she accuses me of extending it. As if I would. 

(Monday 26th September)

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