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Monday 19 September 2022

New Monarch New Government

First day back to reality after the holiday is at least a Saturday which means Parkrun, for L at least, and the match, for my Dad and me. I manage to jog to the Wollaton parkrun start which is at least a small step along the road to recovery. 

The match comes accompanied by a minute's silence for the late Queen and the National Anthem for the new King. Derby come from behind to win 2-1 over Wycombe.

On Sunday L grudgingly agrees to run with me and I do 4.3k, she carries on to do a bit further unencumbered.

Monday was supposed to be back to work but now it’s not as it’s the Queen’s Funeral, which we watch, and has become a Bank Holiday.

The funeral is an impressive affair with its crisp military precision but the abiding memory of the Queen’s death will be the famous Queue. If anything has killed the republican movement stone dead it is that. If the Queen had lay in state for six months or more they would probably have continued to come and queue probably forever. Also what event in the world would have caused all those world leaders to drop everything and come to the little old UK?

The Queue has a touch of us ‘all being in it together’, a notion that doesn’t look as if it’s going to be taken on board by the new Truss Government. A least we do have our first u-turn and Liz has offered to pay everyone’s energy bills. Not that anyone knows how she’s going to pay for it.

(Monday 19th September)

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