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Thursday 8 December 2022

Festive Spirit

On Monday we go over to Leamington to meet with Son. Although my holiday doesn’t get approved in advance because unknown to me both my bosses were on holiday last week. I assume someone will approve it on Monday morning, so I take it anyway. 

L goes Christmas shopping with Son while the Lad and I hit the local park and the park café, which is awash with fellow canines who are all obviously in the festive spirit, including the Lad, because they all get on. Then we all have lunch.

In the evening we go and see ‘She Said’ at Broadway Cinema. It's our first film there since February 2020. 

‘She Said’ is about the New York Times journalists, played by Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan, who outed the predatory film producer Harvey Weinstein. It has got some rather snooty reviews but we thought it was very good and shows the immense effort they went to in their pursuit of him. Sadly there weren't enough car chases in it for some.


On Tuesday I take my Dad out for a pint and because the New Inn is closed for a kitchen refurbishment we go to the Crown in Shardlow. It is full of dogs who all again bizarrely get on well. This festive spirit is strong stuff.

The weather is turning colder which means we get some nice frosty morning walks this week and there is no festive spirit in the morning. Temperaments are as frosty as the weather and on Wednesday there are four dogs in one day that don’t like us.

There is also no football on Wednesday as we await the Quarter Finals, I think the Lad is a bit lost without it but he does have his tunnel evening aka dog training to look forward to.

On Thursday I go in to the work for the very last time with the office closing for good on Friday. When I get there it is to find that everyone else has already cleared their desks and that someone has cleared my desk, of computer kit, for me. So I just pick up my last few possessions, wave goodbye to the old place and head back home to the Lad. Who is delighted to see me and then he helps me put the Christmas tree up.

Then, to be even more festive, we all go for walk around the Wollaton Park Christmas lights.

(Thursday 8th December)

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