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Sunday 18 December 2022

How The Mighty Have Fallen

We are back at work on Wednesday and one of us, the Lad, is perhaps a little bored. Perhaps he's missing his holiday. I get a call from my Dad. He's definitely missing his holiday. 

I ring his GP’s surgery for him which was farcical. You ring then have to listen to a recorded message for two minutes, then you press ‘1’ to book an appointment. You can’t press ‘1’ until the two minute message has finished. At which point a recorded voice says ‘our phone lines are very busy right now, please ring back later’ and the line goes dead.

So I repeated that process every 15 minutes from 9am to about 11am when I was finally placed 29th in the queue. Half an hour later I was up to 26th but was given the option to press ‘0’ for a call back, which I did.

About 12:30 they called me back, then they called my Dad as they’re not allowed to speak to me without his permission. Anyway he now has an appointment for next Thursday. In the meantime they have advised him to administer frozen peas to his knee.

My Strava account, that I’m still not sure how I ended up with, tells me I was ‘active for 88 days this year'. That’s not very good. In fact it’s terrible. How the mighty have fallen. Which is indicated by the fact we had to cut this morning’s walk short because my knee wasn’t good.

On Thursday we have a major incident. I opened a new bottle of milk and it’s all frozen. I’ve had to leave a bottle out to defrost. Can’t have L tea-less tonight.

On Friday I’m back on Pride Park to take the car in for a very pricey cambelt replacement. Obviously I can’t hang out at work as the office is now closed, so I have to get the bus home and then head back over later to collect it.

After I’ve done that I divert to meet L in Exeter although she is struggling to get the bus over from Mickleover, so sadly I have to kill time with a pint.

On Saturday L Parkruns at Forest Rec and I have the match in the afternoon. On Sunday she runs the Kedleston Tinsel Trail 10k. A very 'informal' event organised by Jog Derbyshire. Dogs are welcome but only sensible ones so the Lad has to watch with me. L gives him the opportunity to run the finale with him but he totally fluffs that opportunity by biting his lead. 

(Sunday 18th December)

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