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Sunday 25 December 2022

Stealing From Sainsburys

While in Sainsburys on Monday I was selected for a random Smartshop 'theft check' but the guy who had to rescan ten items scanned the wrong bar code on one of them which meant all my shopping was rejected. Which meant he then had to rescan the whole lot in case I was nicking that item, a pack of yoghurts worth £1.50, while I watched. His scanning came in £10 cheaper than my original scan which was great. It would have been cheaper for Sainsburys to have let me nick the yoghurts. Not that I was. Such a stupid system. 

In the evening it’s the dog club's Christmas meal at Anoki on the A38.Which goes ok but has quite a small turn out. I think most people probably prefer the Chinese we used to go for or perhaps they just don't like the evil turn off the A38..

Our neighbour comes round to wish us Merry Christmas and drops off a big tub of Celebrations. Therefore L has to join me at my Dad’s later as she can’t be left alone in the house with them.

On Wednesday we go see Sebastian Payne, a journalist I’m quite a fan of, at Quad. He is conversation with Navtej Johal talking about his book ‘The Fall of Boris Johnson’. It is this bit that pulls in the crowd including L and some friends of ours. It was a fascinating evening.

On Thursday I take my Dad to see his GP who refers him for a X-Ray. Meanwhile Santa is spotted driving L’s bus. So even he’s had to take a second job.

The music selection for our Friday night in becomes a tribute night to Terry Hall who sadly died last weekend as we work our way through his musical career.

Saturday is Christmas Eve but it’s also Parkrun day at Alvaston and, as it’s Christmas, even I run although very slowly. Then we have lunch at Seven with my Dad and L’s Mum but stay in in the evening.

Christmas Day is also Parkrun day again at Alvaston but my knees aren’t up to two days in a row so L doesn’t it solo. Then it’s a trip to Mickleover so L and her Mum can visit her Dad after which we drop her Mum at her brother’s before heading to collect my Dad.

We take him to the Horse and Jockey which is standing room only but he loves it as the crowd seems to part and direct him to a vacant chair. We then head back home where Daughter joins us mid-afternoon after she finishes her shift. We have roast lamb and they both stay over. Not a busy day at all!

We all open our presents including the dog who now has too many toys.

(Sunday 25th December)

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