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Sunday 4 December 2022

Last Bike Last Lunch

I go into work on Monday as the car is due its MOT. This won’t be so easy to do when the office closes for good. I’m on my own in the office so when my MOT is done by lunchtime I decide to head home and do my 1:30pm meeting from home. Then the Lad can video-bomb and join me or perhaps I’ll just put South Korea v Ghana on TV for him. 

I’m back at work again on Tuesday, this time by bike. Which will be for the very last time. I’m meeting my retired ex-colleague for lunch also possibly for the last time unless we can come to some other arrangement.

It’s positively packed in the office. Four other members of staff and a load of people looking round the building with a view to moving in.

Back home we have some miserable looking birds in our garden as the bird feeder is empty again and I've had to delay the weekly shop until Wednesday. At which point we put some more balls out for them. They don't seem to notice but they have been upgraded to RSPB recommended ones. Although it doesn't say on the pack why they were recommended and they were more expensive, so hopefully the RSPB get a decent cut of that.

On Wednesday evening I take my Dad to a book talk by Ryan Hills who has written a book called Groundwork about Jim Smith’s time at Derby County. It is part of Derby Book Festival and it the only event that L hasn’t got tickets to. I have no idea why.

This is his second book, the first was called Pride and was about the post-Jim Smith era. It was excellent but I’ve read several books on Jim Smith so I wasn’t planning to get this one but he convinces us it's worth buying and my Dad buys it on the spot. Which is one Christmas present I now can’t get him.

Sadly for Ryan Hills the event is high jacked, in a nice way, by fellow guests Graham Richards and Colin Gibson who have acquired somewhat God like status. Hills isn’t much of a talker so he was probably happy to defer to these deities. Afterwards we have a pint in the Exeter where my Dad raves about the microwave breakfasts L’s Mum has converted him to.

On Saturday L parkruns at Wollaton while Sam Harrison is setting an impressive new female parkrun world record just down the road at Long Eaton. Then there’s an early match at 12:30 which is a goalless draw with Sheffield Wednesday.

Sunday is the dog club’s AGM in Etwall. I am not up for election as Club Secretary is a two year post, so they will have to put up with me for another year regardless.

(Sunday 4th December)

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