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Wednesday 8 March 2023

How To Cope With An Awkward Dog In Heavy Snow When You Have A Bad Knee

The lad appears to be very sceptical of my office move from the back bedroom to the front bedroom, thereby leaving room for the new lodger. So far he’s boycotting it and is sticking to his bed in the hall despite having a bed in my new office. It is MD's old bed so that might have something to do with it.

On Monday I am again at the Velodrome while L is at the Physio. AMR Physio on Glaisdale Drive. She is struggling with her back again and plans to take a break from running including skipping the Derby 10K. While I’m taking a break from almost everything apart from the cycling that is, which leaves me hobbling round our morning walk the next day. No pain no gain. Perhaps.

The frequent snow showers don’t help but having made it home and about to Google ‘how to cope with an awkward dog in heavy snow when you have a bad knee’ it appears not to have settled. Apparently we are due a decent dump overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Just when we don’t want it as we need to get to the airport.

Another Facebook memory appears. This time of the Paris Half Marathon in 2016 which, of course, I was also injured for or rather during. You can’t tell from the photo that I was stood on one leg, as the other one had given up the ghost after only about 4k somewhere near Bastille. I have my arm round L not just because I still managed to pull but because she’s holding me up.

On Tuesday Derby are away at Plymouth but it’s on Sky so I go over to my Dad’s to watch it and take the Lad with me, which obviously ruins the match for us because he’d rather play ball. We are probably thankful for the distraction.

Wednesday is dog training which is good for L because she can do something else that is better without a dog. Like her physio exercises. I bet she missed him really.

On other news, the care home that L’s Dad is in finally stops insisting on negative covid tests.

(Wednesday 8th March)

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