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Sunday 19 March 2023

New Lodger

After pointing out that our ski trip was not the world cruise that would have been her preferred holiday, L sends me her Bucket List. This has 42 things on it but is an ever growing list. Sadly it appears that I’ve only chalked 7 off it in the 27 years we’ve been together. So that’s not very good but, hey, just 35 to go (at the moment). 

There are several places on the list I haven’t even heard of and actually no ‘world cruise’ per se. Although a cruise would, I suppose, link up many of the places that are on the list which presumably would all need a local parkrun too.

The Lad has a few ‘stomach’ issues post-kennels. Hence I needed three poo bags on his walk. I think he’s struggling with the kennel food a bit.

I get an email from Identipet asking me to check MD’s microchip details are up to date. Which was quite sad as I had to then update his details to say he was no longer with us. As a mark of respect the lad finally decides to give MD’s old bed, now in my new office, a go.

Someone turns up with a seven month old tiny collie cross at training which would fit L’s small dog brief perfectly. Sadly there’s not many around and this is a collector’s edition because the owner’s collie was accidentally bred with a rescued Romanian Chihuahua which probably isn’t easily done.

My Dad and I visit the new Notsa bar in Aston. It’s very nice with nice beer and dog friend. It could become a regular haunt.

As one new venture opens another one closes as the Totally Brewed brewery announce they are closing down. They blame the current economic climate which I’m sure is true but there’s also the case that not enough people actually liked their beers.

There is no parkrun on Saturday as L is taking a month off but Wollaton Parkrun is cancelled anyway, they have the National Schools Cross Country Championship on which I would have watched but we have a home match.

Before which we have a hospitality event with Colin Todd who is interviewed by Roger Davies and Roy McFarland. It’s enjoyable and packed. My Dad loves it along with the sausage and mash for lunch with chocolate tart to follow.

On Sunday we get a new lodger as Daughter moves in. My friend brings his van and we moved some of her stuff to home with the rest going in storage in L’s Mum’s garage in Mickleover. We also let him take away the three bikes that were in our shed which includes L’s original triathlon steed and my teenage Raleigh Arena. I shed a tear, L does not. I drown my sorrows later in the Organ Grinder.

(Sunday 19th March)

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