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Sunday 26 March 2023

An Injection Or Three

On Monday I am at the Velodrome. Which means that on Tuesday my exercise routine consists of a hobble\walk with the Lad and then a one legged gym session. Perhaps I should stick to leaving a day’s gap before I hit the gym after cycling. L meanwhile is getting Physio on her back.

The Lad now seems to have got a hang of his two beds, the one in my office and the one in the hall, and now does a relay between the two while I work. Of course he also has the large king size upstairs.

After spending most of the week avoiding our new lodger by Thursday we catch him on her bed. I think it had something to do with food but it looks like they might be bonding.

L’s Mum gets a letter to say she gets an increase in her pension now that she is 80. An extra 25p a week. Wow. I couldn’t believe this was a thing and must have been due to some factors such as her not paying enough NI or something like that but actually no, everyone gets the 25p regardless. It was introduced in 1971 but for various political reasons it has not been increased since and now just gives people a laugh. I sadly will never get it as it has now finally been discontinued but only for those reaching pension age after 2016.

On Friday we go out to celebrate. Her birthday that is, not the 25p. All the family visit L’s Dad’s in the care home and then we all go for lunch at Binary in Mickleover. 

I have to leave slightly early as conveniently, with me already having the day off, my Dad has an appointment to have his knee looked at. He is offered an injection or three which he accepts without really knowing what he’s accepted because his ears are full of wax and he can’t hear a thing.

They put a needle in his knee to drain it, then inject painkillers and steroids. Almost immediately afterwards he thinks he’s totally cured and contemplates running home. Now to sort out his hearing.

Sunday was supposed to be the Derby 10k but L isn’t fit enough and obviously I’m nowhere near fit enough. L does do a small run and runs to us on the park. It’s not Derby 10k but they send her a congratulations email anyway.

In the afternoon I take my Dad to watch Derby County Ladies play Nottingham Forest Ladies on Pride Park which league leaders Forest win. Then we come over to Nottingham, pick up L and attempt to get Sunday Lunch in the Nurseryman but it is full to bursting. We head back over my Dad’s way to the always reliable Clock Warehouse where they let me down with no beef so I have to go with the pork. My Dad is still very deaf and L comes up with the inspired idea of writing messages on her phone to show him, thereby communicating that way.

(Sunday 26th March)

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