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Sunday 23 April 2023

A Good Spread Of Biscuits

Monday is another leg shredding, lung bursting session at the velodrome. Apparently this is fun, I enjoy it and it’s good for me. I will keep telling myself this.

On Wednesday the Lad has his MOT and his jabs at the vets. Before which he got his morning walk around the local student area near the vets where there were plenty of discarded pizza, kebabs and chips to hoover up while we waited for his time slot. 

The vets now have separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats. Which makes you wonder if there’s been an incident and also where you wait if you have a rabbit or some other animal. L reckons the Lad would love a rabbit. I’m not sure the rabbit would feel the same.

His pre-appointment snack didn’t calm his nerves much. He didn’t like the jab and then liked the Kennel Cough vaccine squirted up his nose even less but now he’s fully vaccinated with everything should he need another kennels stay and he won’t have to return for a year.

On Thursday I do the 'bloody' gym again and on Friday I take my Dad to Derby County’s ‘Golden Rams’ Coffee Afternoon. This is an event exclusively for the over 85 so it’s not surprising that, as a gate crasher, I’m the youngest one there.

They open with a warm up DJ playing 50s swing then there’s a quiz, bingo and a Q&A with stars of the 70s and 80s. There is also a very good spread of biscuits. 

On Saturday we do a different Parkrun or L does, the Lad and I just support. We are in Uttoxeter for the one catchingly known as ‘Bramshall Road’. So that's another one off the list. Naturally L would like to do every single UK parkrun but as there are now almost 800 of the buggers in UK alone I think time might be running out.

On Sunday we head down to London to support L’s sister in the London Marathon but I tell you she had the easy job.

There are engineering work happening on the trains adding an hour to our journey which was already rubbish due to it being a Sunday. So in order to get there before she’d finished we drove down to Luton Parkway and got the train in from there. There was then another long delay while we downloaded and set up the required App for parking there.

When we get finally arrive I realise that supporting has got more popular since I cheered L through her two Londons. It is very busy at all tube stations but we do manage to give her a shout at miles 7, 18 and 21. 

It is so busy that we don’t go to see her at the finish but then get stuck on M1 for two hours after it is closed due to a horse box overturning. There is also the sad news that a runner later collapsed and died after finishing in under three hours. He was an experienced runner from Nottingham and ran for Holme Pierrepont.

(Sunday 23rd April)

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