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Sunday 2 April 2023

Better In The 1970s

I have to laugh when L says that her boss has turned up to work without his hearing aids. It’s a good job that she mastered a technique to get round that with my Dad on Sunday. 

My Dad was supposed to have an appointment to have them cleaned out this week but when my brother takes him they tell them that they’ve had to cancel it because their ‘ears’ machine is broken. They had been ringing my Dad to tell him... which obviously he didn’t hear!

We manage to get a private appointment for him instead with a freelancing nurse who comes round the next night to his house and sorts him out. He says his ears are now like new. New knees, new ears, what next? He’s mentioned that he’s joining me on the velodrome next week.

I risk the gym on Tuesday lunchtime. As does L but I think we just miss each other. Which is a shame, I could have done with some expert tuition. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy. I think the rain put a lot of the students off but I still had to queue for the leg press.

I get back home just as Daughter is heading out back to her old flat to finishing emptying it. She has my electric saw under her arm and is muttering something about a coffee table. This may not end well.

I head out into Derby later to meet my friend for drinks in the Alexandra and then food in the Exeter hoping I don’t get a call from A&E.

L is all excited about her yoga session on Wednesday evening with her fingers crossed it doesn’t get cancelled. She'll be having a wilder time even than the Lad and he's got tunnel night. She says it was supposed to be gentle but she actually found it quite tough. That’s exactly what they say about my cycling sessions.

The weather is finally getting better and warmer. So much so that when I do my second gym session of the week, get me, I have to go without the Lad because I thought it was too sunny for him to wait in the car.

While I’m there they have a really weird power cut. They have this ‘Fitness Got Serious’ neon sign and I watched the lights gradually go out letter by letter on it. Then everything went off and we were in darkness. Cue lots of unladylike language from the ladies on treadmills but as I was on the 70s unelectric stuff I could just carry on regardless. Somethings were better in the 1970s then. Then the power came back on a few minutes later.

In the evening I have a committee meeting. Then on Saturday there’s a home game against league leaders Ipswich Town which we lose.

On Sunday L and I go to the Wollaton, our local, for the first time in ages for a romantic Sunday Lunch. The food is good as always and the beers not too disastrous. They actually have four local ales on from four different local breweries Castle Rock, Nottingham, Lincoln Green and Shipstones. Noting too exciting but it’s a start.

(Sunday 2nd April)

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