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Sunday 16 April 2023


Monday is Easter Monday and a home game with Milton Keynes Dons which also means I get a break from being tortured on the velodrome.

L then joins me in working from home for the rest of the week as her boss is away. So it’s a case of up the milk order as the kettle is always on and ration the grapes or else they won’t make it past Wednesday.

When I do the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s they hand me 100 Nectar points to collect on my birthday in a few weeks time. That’s a whole 50p. Whoop Whoop. At the same time they handed me a voucher for over 50s life insurance. They really know how to look after their customers.

Wednesday’s excitement is a trip to the optician’s where I am not handed any vouchers for being old. Thankfully.

Meanwhile there are Chihuahua puppies on our street. I warn L about stealing one of buying one for that matter as they are £1300 each.

On Saturday, L does her first proper run for a while at Alvaston Parkrun.

I take my Dad to Notsa for lunch which proves a bit too artisan for him and for me too really. They do him an off-menu un-artisan fish and chips which he is thrilled with.

Then L comes over to Aston to join us, so we put the football on for her.

(Sunday 16th April)

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