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Sunday 2 July 2023


On Friday we walk the Lad in the morning  as usual and we abandon him for the weekend with the Lodger. It will be really interesting to see how they get on.

The service to Bath by train is pretty more and absolutely shocking on the Sunday when we are coming back but we give it a go. We have to change at Nottingham  and Bristol on the way there but it goes pretty smoothly apart from the seat reservations… there’s always an issue with the seat reservations.

We are staying at the Royal Hotel near the Railway Station which is pleasant old style hotel. As we are too early to check in we pay the nominal fee to go on to the Parade Gardens where we have lunch.

In the evening we have dinner at the hotel, where we are the only ones in their restaurant. They had insisted we eat before 6:30, so we assumed it would be busy. This proves not to be the case. Then we head off to find a decent pub but don’t find one as it’s raining quite heavy and we basically just need to shelter somewhere average. L has a bout of palpitations while we are in the pub either from the restaurant meal or the glass of wine she had with it as she’s on water in the pub.

On Saturday morning we hike out of town up something called Widecombe Hill which leads us to where Bath Skyline Parkrun is being held. This is possibly one of nicest places to have a parkrun even if it is booby trapped with hundreds of trip hazards. Despite that, and in thy absence of a dog, I am determined to test out my knee so I jump in past the worst of the ground and run 2k with her. It goes quite well for me, L seems to have a blast.

We grab a coffee on the way back at the bottom of Widecombe Hill and the head back to the hotel for a cream team that was included in the hotel deal and will make up for us missing breakfast.

Then in the afternoon we do the sights of Bath which aren’t all that many really but then we don’t pay for anything. We also do the bookshops and the Bath Brewery pub with L being a saint on the water again. We eat in the evening at the Bengal Brasserie.

On Sunday our short stay comes to an end and after a hotel breakfast we brave the trains. Getting to Bristol is easy but then there are plenty of delays, cancellation and rerouting. We are sent to Newport to make the connection back to Nottingham. It all takes an hour longer but we get there eventually. 

(Sunday 2nd July)

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