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Sunday 23 July 2023

A New Policy

L has a new policy at work. If her boss doesn’t come into the office then she comes home. She’s home on Monday by 10:30. I tell her to pick up some milk if she’s coming home, as we’ll need it. The kettle is already quaking in its boots.

While I may or may not be enjoying my Monday Cycling sessions, I’m not sure L is enjoying me leaving her in charge of ‘bloody walk time’. The lead biter is not such a poppet when it comes to walk times, at least with L.

On Tuesday L has her PT but I take a day off my workout as my knees aren’t great after a heavy knee day of gym and run on Sunday and cycling on Monday. Tuesday is our last dog training night before our summer break.

Daughter gets a parking fine outside our house.

This week three stages of the Tour De France are centred around Combloux where we stayed for skiing this year. You didn’t see a lot of Combloux as they had barriered it all off but they did seem to have a camera right outside our hotel because I spotted the recycle bins across the road! as well as the roundabout but not the hotel itself.

My physio ups the Sledge push to 60kg. L says that’s almost as much as she weighs. He did in fact say that a good target is always to get someone to stand on it. He’s also got me doing box jumps but the smallest one in the gym is 20 inches which I’m struggling with as it’s only 18 inches at physio. Although he wants me to work on 24.

We take my Dad swimming on Wednesday but only I swim with him and L comes along to walk the Lad. The swimming is a bit frustrating e.g. just Dad minding and this way the Lad gets to come too. We go to Notsa afterwards.

L has one of her mad Fridays. Swim with her friend, then head over on the bus to visit her Dad and then have lunch in town with her Mum. What no gardening? She’s slacking.

On Friday evening I go to the gym with L and work on my box jumps finally achieving the not so holy grail of 20 inches.

We wake up to a message that L’s Mum is in A&E with leg pain but thankfully she is soon sent home. As there’s nothing we can do we head to Colwick. Yes on a Saturday rather than a Sunday this week for parkrun and then L swims followed by a Daleside breakfast.

In the afternoon Derby have a pre-season friendly with Stoke City that doubles as a testimonial for Craig Forsyth who has been at the club for ten years. This also gives L and her Mum a break from our company in Derby.

On Sunday L has a family gathering for her Dad’s birthday and I take the Lad to his first dog show in almost a year. He is thrilled. His stress levels are high but he has a great time and does better than last time although he still lands four Es. I’m not sure I’ll ever get him calm enough to be any better.

Rather poignantly the last time I was at this venue it was May last year and I was feeding MD chips and curry from the van because he wasn’t eating at home. Which is a sad memory.

In the evening we watch ‘Operation Mincemeat’, an odd but interesting film, at the end of another week of bit too much drinking despite not going out anywhere. 

(Sunday 23rd July)

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