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Sunday 9 July 2023

Walk Right Back

L has got a removal man in to clear their old office. Anyone and any price will do she’s not choosy, she’s not paying and just wants it done. Although he is apparently such a nice man and he can do it tomorrow.

I cycle on Monday at the velodrome and Daughter joins L for an early swim on Tuesday while the Lad and I hobble around the park as my knees complain loudly about the previous night’s cycling.

With her boss not around and her old office now cleared, L ‘works from home’ for the rest of the week. There is after all a lonely jigsaw that needs company. Although Friday is for visiting her Dad and gardening for her Mum.

On Wednesday I get tortured once again by my physio and then in the evening by a trip to the Royal Concert Hall to see a musical. It’s called ‘Walk Right Back’ and is about the Everly Brothers. I know I can cope as I survived Jersey Boys.

As it happens it’s not much of a musical, it’s more of a night with a covers band and it’s not just Everly Brothers songs either as Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran also feature. I was actually hoping for a bit of a story and we do get a little background info but there is no plot as such. The artists are perfectly fine, so it’s an ok night for something that isn’t my era.

On Thursday L and I gym together and then L runs with Daughter to her work.

Saturday’s Parkrun is at Beeston from where, after a coffee at the Boathouse café, L gets the bus to Derby to meet her Mum. My Dad and I join them later at Café Villabella as we continue our café tour of Derby. Then L, seemingly getting really into her gardening, does our lawn while I do my Dad’s.

We were supposed to be at a bats’ walk in the evening, the Brilliant Bats Walk no less at Sherwood Pines but it is cancelled due to the expected storm.

Sunday is of course swimming at Colwick where the Lad and I attempt to walk all the way around the outside of the racecourse. This takes a bit longer than we expected.

L and I are back at the gym on Sunday and doing my physio’s routine together. I even manage to persuade L to put some weight on the gym sledge rather than just pushing it unladen.

We end up staying in all weekend. I’m always one for going out for a drink but L’s more for staying in, at least when places are busy on a Friday and Saturday as we also like to take the Lad but it can be a bit much to go out on a Sunday as we decide this week. 

(Sunday 9nd July)

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