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Sunday 16 July 2023

In Town With The Shopaholics

At work we have a week of events to kick off what is our new work year. Actual work is, it appears, optional. The events consist of a number of talks from people within our organisation but also some celebrity guests.

My usual Monday progress meeting for my latest project gets moved to Tuesday because, I assume, everyone wants to the cook-along with the celebrity chef I’ve not heard of. They are cooking Tostadas for which I don’t have the ingredients and it all looks a bit of an expensive faff so I give it a miss.

Later in the week we have Kelly Holmes leading us through a workout with two tins of beans and a towel. I kid you not. She does however give a very interesting interview about teamwork.

I accidentally lock the lodger out and find her sat on the doorstep when I get back from doing the shopping (not for the Tostadas).

L inspired me to get a physio after the success she had with hers. Now that my physio is masquerading as a personal trainer, and also because I think she liked the workout he’s given me, she’s signed up for one herself. Hopefully this person won’t quit their job like all her others have, I’m sure it’s not her, and she’ll get to stick at it. I’ve even offered to pay for it but she’s declined.

On Tuesday I have sent someone round to cut my Dad’s hedges while at home I take delivery of our washing machine. Meanwhile L is off with a walk with her friends and ending up at the Carpenters Arms in Dale Abbey. Very nice.

Our neighbours have an allotment and so they keep us topped up with fresh veg. Unfortunately, and I don’t wish to feel ungrateful, this seems to be mainly courgettes but we do also get some cucumbers, tomatoes, runner beans and beetroot. Not that we really know what to do with the beetroot.

I survive another physio session on Wednesday and L asks if he’s pleased with my progress. Funnily enough it’s not something we ever discuss. He’s just ups my weights each week e.g. this week my dumbbells increased from 6kg to 8kg despite the fact I’ve complained that my arms are already quite a bit longer than when we started. He didn’t mention being pleased.

I get tickets for the two of us to see Depeche Mode in Birmingham in January. L says she’s tempted to ask for a granny seat but we’re going to be standing as I don’t want to be as far away as we were when we went there to see Arcade Fire. If she keeps up her gym work she’ll be fine.

Thursday was going alright until I spoilt it by going to the gym. Whereas L always says going to the gym is the highlight of her day but then she doesn’t have my workout.

My Dad was promised a follow up appointment three months after he had his knee looked at in March. It’s now July so I chased it, rang the hospital and got straight through to someone. I almost fell off my chair. He’s booked in for 18th August.

L is having problems tracking down a missing parcel for work. The only way to contact the Royal Mail seems to be through online chat with no real person on the end e.g. it’s one of them AI Chat Bots that’s going to take over the world but it still won’t be able to help you find your parcel.

After four days of events with work they give us Friday off as a Wellbeing Day. I go to the gym with L which is a questionable place for my wellbeing but at least I get to spend it in good company. The stormy night meanwhile is not good for the Lad’s wellbeing as nobody fancied taking him for a walk in it. It’s a good background for a ‘Friday Night’ though, we haven’t had one of those for a while so a stormy one is a bonus.

Parkrun is at Long Eaton for the first time since New Year’s Day 2019 when we also did Markeaton as park of the New Year double.

Then it’s another Saturday in town with the Shopaholics. That’s my Dad and L’s Mum, I don’t think it’s fair to include L in that and certainly not me. The café tour reaches Café Caruso. Where we debate the loss of the Ice Factory in a blaze 48 years ago because three of us remember it happening. I do not as I was only eight.

I notice that Sainsbury’s in Derby are selling plant based tomato soup. What other kind is there? I find out later that they’ve replaced the cream with fermented soy but plant based is still surely misleading as both versions are 80% tomatoes. How big a base do you need?

L and I gym together again on Sunday and then do a short 2k run together.

We have a much saner week on the beer and a very pleasant night out in the Canning Circus pubs on Sunday. Interesting Tiny Rebel have reinvented Theakston’s timeless classis Old Peculiar and made a chocolate version of it. Unfortunately this will be impossible to get hold of, so no sign of this in Canning Circus.

(Sunday 16th July)

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