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Thursday 19 October 2023

A Fictitious Dog Show

This week L is stressed about her job as she thinks her boss is about to pack it all in but then only last week she was so looking forward to early retirement. So I’m a bit confused but she comes home from work without her P45 as he says he wants to continue working. I’m not sure whether to breathe a sigh of relief or not.

L enters the Lad in a fictitious dog show that her friend the author is putting together. He should be a shoe in for the waggiest tail, that is if he’s not disqualified for not having one.  She tells the author that "he is beautiful but also pretty useless and is well used to being last at everything". Then she says that was actually a quote from me. If he can't even win a fictitious dog show then there really is no hope.

I’m so busy at work that I’m struggling to get away to make my cycling. Not only that it’s my Dad’s tea, his social night and his pint that's at stake. I make it in the end and we go to the Exeter afterwards.

L works from home on Tuesday and then is in work briefly on Wednesday but then soon home again when no one else turns up least of all her boss, whose TV is on the blink.

Wednesday is apparently World Menopause Day which I only know about because my company is celebrating it but then it celebrates everything. It's also the day of Storm Babet. No connection I'm sure.

I’m supposed to be out in the evening but my friend cancels, then un-cancels. I think he’s worried about Babet. Whereas I always assume these things are largely a figment of the media’s fervent imagination. 

We meet in the Alexandra where there’s a rather nice pistachio stout and then we eat in Pepitos, which was slightly disappointing because I know that the Indian Porter is currently on in the Exeter and for once I’m not driving.

L picks me up afterwards and saves me from being ravished by Babet which largely seems to pass us by or, as I say, she was largely a figment of the media’s fervent imagination. 

On Thursday I have another gig at the Rescue Rooms.

(Thursday 19nd October)

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