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Sunday 8 October 2023

No Mercy

We don’t bother with an alarm in the mornings any more as 6am is, rightly or wrongly, hardwired into the Lad’s psyche as his breakfast time and he always gets us up. Well, he gets me up. Except that is when he doesn’t. For instance when he oversleeps after ‘tunnel night’.

Then we have to rely on L’s PT App which bings her at something like 6:27 every morning to do her daily check in. It has no mercy. Even when it’s not working properly as it isn’t at the moment. I seriously suspect it was written by the same people who wrote Trent Barton’s Mango App. Nothing goes wrong as often as that.

In the meantime she is having to do her workout from memory. Luckily the one exercise most emblazoned on her memory is the lying down hamstring curl which is her ‘favourite’. Some things you will never forget.

L is in work briefly on Monday and is then at home for the rest of the week as her boss is away. In the evening after my cycling, my Dad and I are in the Exeter.

L has her PT on Tuesday and I have my physio on Wednesday. Tuesday is also dog training where there are three tunnels in the ring. Three too many. Then I have a committee meeting on Thursday

L and I do a 5k run over lunch on Friday but we don’t do the gym as L is not feeling her best although she does still go for a swim. I had a sniffle earlier in the week but now L has inherited an upgraded version of it. To be fair she did try to fight off my amorous advances. Her version though oddly seems to include a nosebleed.

On Saturday we do our third tourist Parkrun in a row at Watermead Park, the home of the woolly mammoth that we can’t find. L is well enough to run but the Lad and I are again only supporting.

Afterwards I drop the Lad at home, L in Derby and then pick up my Dad. We then meet L and her Mum in Jamaica Blue for lunch where I have a full English but with healthy poached eggs before being called upon to finish my Dad’s pancakes. Shades of Scotland.

It is getting harder and harder to park in Derby since they closed the Riverside car park and then dug up half the roads in town. Today the Basement car park is shut because its full so we park on floor 4 above M&S which means a final coffee in BBs, as I believe those in the know call it. Then after dropping L’s Mum in Mickleover, we pick up the Lad up from home and then I cut my Dad’s grass.

We stay in as L is still not feeling her best and has another early PT session on Sunday. After which we repeat last week’s trip to Colwick where I run 5.4k with the Lad. After which we go to Beeston for coffee and a naughty bacon sandwich. I cut the hedge back at home before we then both head to bed exhausted but not too exhausted. We do manage a few drinks later in the Wollaton.

(Sunday 8th October)

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