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Sunday 29 October 2023


The week starts very misty on the park which makes it far harder to spot the deer when they’re sneaking up to mug you. 

Once again L goes into work then comes home again. Her boss has phoned in deaf. Somehow. In the evening L swims while I cycle and then go to the Alexandra because the Exeter is closed due to its cellar being flooded. I hope to show my Dad the floods near the Alex but they have already receded.

On Tuesday there’s the excitement of a boiler service then in the evening L is at a talk by Phillipa Gregory at Broadway which obviously I’d love to have gone to but there’s a match.

On Wednesday L does a morning run on the park and intimidates us on our walk. Then I have physio which was as evil as usual. L goes to work and stays there as she has a boss. Then she swims again while I dog train.

Thursday’s walk brings us into contact with a sweet 14 week old collie pup. Although the Lad wasn’t as impressed with it as I was. It could be an agility champion in the making and I did offer a swap but they didn’t seem keen.

I manage a quick faff around in the gym over lunch. It was really busy and people were queuing up behind me for the leg curl conversing with me in the secret gym language asking how many sets. One girl stakes out the joint, sitting on the nearby broken leg press machine waiting and reading a book. The leg curl is so popular, no wonder it’s L’s favourite.

In the evening Comoran Strike on audio continues. It’s taking a while to get through it and I’m sure L would have preferred to have simply read the book but she’s intellectual. I have to have books read to me.

On Friday L swims then goes to Leamington by train to meet a very dapper looking Son who has had a beard trim, a haircut and a new jumper for a job interview. The Lad and I pick her up at 5pm from Derby for a perfect Friday night in, a keema that I cook, a dark Leffe and another episode of Jimmy Savile.

I run Wollaton parkrun on Saturday, again in 28 minutes, while L tail walks. Then I give L lift to Derby and join her later with my Dad for lunch in a very overcrowded M&S and then for coffee in Cafe Rosa. It’s traumatic not just because of M&S but because the parking is terrible. The basement car park is shut again and there are roadworks near the bus station. I have to park with my Dad on the surface car park at Siddals Road which isn’t ideal. I feel we’re earnt another night in the Plough.

The clocks go back giving an extended and fruitful lie on Sunday as well as an extended run, we’re now up to 7.8k, ending up again at Wollaton for coffee and breakfast. I have a sausage cob but L has Granola with yoghurt which looks really nice.

In the afternoon we do the gym but I’m alone for most of it as L is stuck outside after taking a phone call from our talkative friend who was the owner of Doggo’s brother. She is filling L in on the latest location that her nomadic wanders have taken her to which is, erm, Blackpool. We vow to visit. There's bound to be a parkrun.

Then later I play squash with Daughter who, unprovoked, hits me in the face with the ball. At least it wasn't the racquet. Despite that it’s a fun game which is unconnected to me getting the whiskey out later.

(Sunday 29th October)

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