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Sunday 1 October 2023

Happiness At Work Week

This week is International Happiness at Work Week and naturally my company are throwing their all into it. Monday is Happiness Radio Day with a feel good music list that I almost gave up on after the first three were Steps, B*Witched and Taylor Swift but then we got Twisted Sister!

L gets sent home again when her boss doesn’t come in. He’s probably hungover from celebrating Wales massive 40-6 victory over Australia in the Rugby World Cup. In the evening it’s my cycling and afterwards a visit to the Alexandra.

Tuesday is Happiness in the Home Office Day. That is as in WFH not the Government department. Happiness today is dodging the rain which we manage to do on our walk but a work colleague of L’s isn’t so fortunate and is now walking around in L’s spare clothes. The storm is so intense the Lad hides under my desk.

I told L on Sunday that she was making the lying down hamstring curl look easy and lo and behold today her PT increases the weights on it.

In the evening we start the brand new Strike book the ‘Running Grave’ on audio. Everyone else we know is already half way through it. Daughter has of course finished it.

Wednesday is Smile While You Dial. I’m not really sure what that’s all about as I hate speaking to customers. L, who has another ‘day off’, goes for her regular-ish Wednesday morning run while I ‘save myself’ for the gym. Work is mad at the moment but I do manage to get to the gym briefly at lunch but couldn’t get on most things. I did get on the leg press where I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be concerned when other men compliment me on my calves. L swims with Daughter later while the Lad and I are at dog training.

‘Thankful Thursday’ starts as usual with our walk on the park. In the evening it’s the last tennis of the year because it’s now too dark to play on an unfloodlit court but the four floodlit courts are totally unbookable, there must be some secret society in charge of them, and the indoor ones are far too expensive.

‘Feel Good Friday’ is also wear yellow day but who would know what I’m wearing in my little home office and who would care. A feel good Friday morning rather than a feel good Friday night makes L late for her swim but hopefully it was worth it. We then run 4.4k together at lunch and are gym buddies again later.

There is another Golden Rams Coffee Afternoon for my Dad but I am off the hook for that as my Brother has offered to take him.

It’s another tourist Saturday and we’re Beacon Hill for Parkrun. This time I pre-empt the Lad’s histrionics and don’t even get him out of the car until everyone has started. There is again a nice café and then afterwards I drop L in Derby.

Derby’s match against Cambridge is rather dull 0-0 draw and is overshadowed anyway by the death of goalkeeper Josh Vickers' wife Laura. As a tribute the fans organised a standing ovation on the 31st minute, his shirt number. This sort of thing happens a lot, often for the most tenuous of reasons which are then quickly forgotten about. This however will live long in the memory. Never before have I seen both teams stop playing to stand and applaud, along with all the match officials as well as all the home and away fans. How Josh Vickers kept it together I have no idea but he was probably glad he was only on the bench today.

In the evening we attend our neighbour’s 80s Birthday party at the nearly Crown pub. We appear to be representing the whole street as none of our other neighbours make an appearance. Clearly it was just too wild a night for them with its warning signs about dealing drugs, it’s lack of real ale and an all brown buffet. 

Bizarrely they have Belhaven Stout on keg which I’ve just spent two weeks avoiding in Scotland. At an appropriate break in the proceeds we escape to the Wollaton.

Having missed a couple of sessions while we were away L has an extra PT session at 8am on Sunday morning. It was like getting up for one of those early starting triathlons I used to do. I pick her up afterwards and we head to Colwick for her swim and where I run with the Lad. This goes much better than I expected although choosing to start on the muddy path at the back of the car park was bad idea, grip wise. On the grounds of finding a secluded start place where no one would laugh at us, it was a success. There were also not 200 parkrunners to upset him and just one squirrel crossed our path. We’ve all earnt our afternoon in bed.

Then in the evening I have a gig.

(Sunday 1st October)

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