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Saturday 2 March 2024

The Last Physio

You know the gym is getting really bad i.e. busy, when even L is saying she doesn't fancy battling for the machines and this is at 8am but she heroically drags herself there anyway. Then does Lenton gym in evening too.

I cycle and take my Dad as usual. He enjoys having his tea at the velodrome and often muses about having a go in the gym while he’s there but this week he was asking me about how to do the plank... This is something he’s been reading in his newspaper. Which is a worry as should he attempt it might not be able to get back up off the floor.

It looks like there is some snow on the forecast for the weekend up in Scotland but I’m sure it’ll all be gone by the time we get there.

On Tuesday L has PT and then crawls into work afterwards despite it being an ‘arms session’. So crawling shouldn’t be strictly necessary? Then she describes a couple of sets of 20 squats, lunges across the room, 30 seconds wall squat, then lunge back. I would have needed an ambulance after that. Yet L still manages to run with Daughter later.

I have my last physio session on Wednesday which he makes the hardest one yet. Not that it was on the level of ‘couple of sets of 20 squats, lunges across the room, 30 seconds wall squat, then lunge back’.

I’m in the gym on Thursday where I have a bit of an argument with one chap who is using three pieces of equipment at once. The gym is really busy, so he’s lucky he hasn’t got a separate queue for each piece.

On Friday L gets the train over to Leamington to see Son and of course has the usual travel problems that you associate with the train service in this country. Her first train terminates at Birmingham and she has to move onto another one where eight of them share a doorway. While her return one is completely cancelled. While she’s there they do Warwick and he tells her he’s resigned his job and is looking for a new one.

Somehow she makes it back in time for me to meet her in Derby for a fascinating talk by Simon MacDonald, a former Diplomat in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, at Quad as part of the latest Derby Book Festival. He’s talking about his latest book ‘Beyond Britannia: Reshaping UK Foreign Policy and Leadership’. They have Indian Porter on afterwards in the Exeter which helps with our debrief.

Saturday starts with heavy rain showers, so we hide under the duvet and for once skip Parkrun.

After losing 2-1 to Charlton in midweek, after leading but then giving away stupid goals again, Derby do better on Saturday and beat Port Vale 3-0. We’re at the Plough again in the evening.

(Saturday 2nd March)

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