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Tuesday 1 August 2017

Tortuous And Pointless

Today I’m in Croydon for work, this is south London of course so requires a 6:30am train in order to get there for a 10am meeting. First class naturally, which means breakfast, juice and two coffees. In fact I might have a third.

L meanwhile is living it up at home, seemingly not missing me, sitting in bed with a mug of tea, trying to talk the dogs into a walk but not too forcefully it seems.

After arriving at St Pancras, I take a Thameslink train across London and then attempt to call a cab to get me the last mile or so. The Speedy Taxi service that is advertised on the wall of the station proves to be anything but. When the chap finally turns up he claims not have heard of the huge new waste processing plant they are building in the area. Really? I though taxi drivers were supposed to know everything. It really is huge and as soon as we turn on to the road that it is on, it towers above us. ‘Oh that’ he says.

I hate meetings and this one was one of the most tortuous and pointless. Lots is still left undecided, I just hope they don’t want another meeting.

Thankfully it’s all over by lunchtime, not that they offer me any but I do get chance for a sandwich and a pint back at the Parcel Yard at Kings Cross.

Once home, I cut the grass for the dog sitter. We’re away this weekend and this will make the ball throwing easier.

(Tuesday 1st August)

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