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Sunday 23 September 2018

A Bit More

L, Daughter and I head over to Draycote Water today which is near Dunchurch, not far from Rugby. They have a ten mile race which is good training for all of us even though it is just multiple laps of their reservoir. The reservoir is more suited to the regular 10ks they run as it is 4.7 miles round. Although even their 10ks require ‘a bit more’.

So the course is two laps plus ‘quite a bit more’ e.g. a nice warm up run to the start which we need as its raining. There is also a twenty mile option which involves four laps and an even bigger warm up.

It turns out to be not too bad. The rain eases and the tarmac is nice, Yes, it’s all tarmac. It is a bit undulating but I don’t mind that.

I’m also happy with my time of 1:20:41 which is in the right ball park for a 1:45 half. Even the girls seems to enjoy it. Now for next week, when it's Daughter’s first half marathon...

(Sunday 23rd September)

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