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Friday 14 September 2018

Whole Of Body

On Monday we wind our way back from Newcastle by train and arrive home to be greeted by the Lad’s whole of body greeting and MD’s more restrained one. I’m even in time to take the boys Dogging, for which they have plenty of steam to let off. MD is jumping better than he has been, so I decide to rest him up to the rest of the week and not take him training on Wednesday. We have our final dog show of the year on Saturday and it could be MD’s last jumping the height he does now. So lets hope it’s a good one.

Back at work on Tuesday and we’re both walking well after Sunday. Which is quite surprising in my case. L heads over to Daughter’s to run but maybe for only a short one because apparently they have to fit it in before Bake Off. They run ten miles again, so one must assume they got a shift on.

With no dogging on Wednesday and no bike, as I’ve fixed my puncture properly yet, I end up in the gym. The torture of that, is enough to make me come home and fix the damn thing and I’m back on my bike again the next day. Which is followed by tennis which is in the greenhouse (aka their dome court) rather than on a proper indoor court, which are all booked up.

Then on Friday, we resurrect the 6am morning run with the dogs. Although it’s the first one we’ve done with the Lad and the first without Doggo. It’s sort of emotional. The Lad wipes the floor with all of us.

(Friday 14th September)

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