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Saturday 22 September 2018

A Skilled Job

L attends a tennis taster session at the Tennis Centre and likes it, so she signs up to regular Thursday evening sessions. She’s really taken to her tennis. Who’d have thought? She has also taken to emojis on her new phone. Who’d have thought?

There is no dog training this week, not for the almost retired MD nor his young protégé, as I have a committee meeting on Monday and Derby have a home match against Blackburn on Tuesday. Both are largely uneventful and the latter a 0-0 draw.

On Wednesday I manage to cycle and then, while L heads off to visit her folks, I spend the evening emptying out the back room ready for the plasterer who is coming next week. This is quite a skilled job. No, not the plastering, the emptying. You try moving wardrobes while chucking balls for two dogs without managing to squash one of them in the process.

To be fair to the Lad, he tries to helpful and brings in the washing off the line even though it isn’t raining. L says he did that in the morning as well but probably more as a distraction so that he could ransack her bag and pinch her apple. 

I get in early to book our accommodation for next year’s Great North Run. Sleeperz have put their prices up so I have dumped them and booked with Motel One. Which was just down from the Please To Meet You pub where we ate.

Thursday is tennis in the greenhouse again and on Friday we repeat the 6am dog run. Although we were either a bit slower running or slower getting out of bed as I missed my bus but, as it's blowing a gale, cycling wouldn’t have been much fun.

On Friday evening we celebrate my Dad's 90th Birthday at the Golden Dragon in Shardlow. Then on Saturday we do Forest Rec parkrun and  afterwards L does her 1-to-1 tennis training.

(Saturday 22nd September)

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