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Saturday 15 September 2018

Hand Over The Baton

Today is our final dog show of the season at Onley Grounds near Rugby. More often than not we do indoor shows here inside their very nice equestrian centre but this weekend we’re roughing it outside.

MD has four runs and we do ok in all of them. True we are eliminated in one, for taking the wrong jump, and he gets five faults for a refusal in another but the other two are clear rounds. They do both however come with time faults. We are two seconds outside the limit in one after he argues with me about a tunnel, which I think was perhaps the wrong colour, but a mere 0.48 outside in the other.

This though, together with the fact our ‘puppy’ is ten years old now and clearly struggling a bit to get over the 650mm jumps mean this is most likely our last show at a proper height. The ‘Lower Height’ classes and Veterans possibly await.

So not a bad day to go out on and not a bad year either given the 2nd place we picked up at Crufts back in March.

The Lad meanwhile is oblivious to all this and has an absolute blast saying hello to everyone and everything but generally he simply can’t wait to get started at this agility thing himself. Time to hand over the baton.

(Saturday 15th September)

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