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Friday 26 April 2019

A New Set Of Wheels

We don’t have a Sunday run over Easter and for the first time that I can recall there in no Easter Monday 10k on Wollaton Park. They are being very coy as to why not.

After a draw at Birmingham on Good Friday, Derby beat Queens Park Rangers 2-0 to keep them in the Play Off hunt. The match is preceded by a big explosion and a fire in Derby coming from one of the industrial units. In the evening, Daughter comes over for a dog run. Having survived Saturday's parkrun, I join them and manage not to re-injure anything.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I have taken the plunge and have put down a deposit on a new car, a 2017 VW Golf. I go see it on Tuesday and afterwards L asks me how it was. Quite good, it’s now sat in the car park at work.

Motorpoint, from where I bought that car, had tried everything they could to sell me add-ons such as a super valeting, a super waxing and numerous super expensive extra insurances but I'd declined the lot. Although they tell me that their standard valeting charge is unavoidable. You are not allowed to drive away a dirty car. Then bizarrely after all that pressure selling they chuck in the Vehicle Excise Duty for free. We will be keeping the old Astra as a dog-mobile.

Also on Tuesday, L has her final PT session saying that her young boy’s obsession with heavy weights is doing her back in. Hopefully she'll find some more appropriate ones as she’s been wanting to do this sort of thing for years.

Wednesday is dogging and Thursday is tennis for L but there’s still no sign of any tennis or squash for me. So I attempt a small run after work, not all the way home or anything like that, but my calf goes almost straight away and I abort.

Friday is my only bike day of the week which is very pleasant in the morning but the weather insists on livening it up for the ride home.

(Friday 26th April)

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